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Riftforge is an online RPG with deep, tactical combat, adding a significant element of player skill.


Guardians - defense, protection, melee damage

Raiders - stealth, speed, burst melee damage

Rangers- ranged & area of effect damage


  • Three powerful RPG archetypes to choose from: Guardian, Ranger, and Raider.
  • Rare, elite, and epic units for each of the six troop types
  • Dynamic front lines across 81 areas in nine war zones
  • Seven enemy factions fielding dozens of generals leading massive armies
  • Deep and engaging tactical combat, within a familiar turn-based system
  • A graphics engine that combines isometric pixel artwork with animations
  • Playable on almost any device with a browser (including smart phones like the iPhone)
  • Social features that enable players to interact and trade, cooperate and compete
  • Includes a free-to-play MMO mode to encourage players to try the game


Riftforge has been in development since 2009. Open playtest was announced on March 31, 2011.

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