As a Ranger commander, you can expect the following special missions: ambushes, sabotage, sniping (i.e. assassination), fire strikes, as well as a variety of demolition missions.

Ranger troopsEdit

Each Ranger squadron under your command consists of six teams:

Ranger commander - a leader with unique tactical skills Ranger core teams - highly-trained marksmen Grenadiers (Ranger special teams) - expert in explosives and incendiaries

Captain GalheenEdit

Captain Tayyar Galheen (a.k.a. Al Jabr) is the oldest of the three captains. He distinguished himself early on as a marksman with his composite crossbow, so he was promoted to the Ranger's elite unit - the Bloodhounds.

When he received training in the art of explosives and sabotage, he was moved to lead the newly formed grenadier unit - Firesmiths.