A Headhunter

Headhunters are one of the elite Ranger units. They were introduced as part of the first wave of elites. They currently cost 30,000 gold.


Originally, the headhunters were a paramilitary formation which tracked escaped prisoners and deserters. Eventually, they found out House Orosso paid a lot better for people who owe money, so they dropped all extraneous activities and pledged their allegiance.

If you see a wanted poster for an experienced taxidermist, it is probably the Headhunters looking for help with some shrunken heads.

Even with only a few shrunken heads to uphold their reputation, these Rangers have become the elite House troop. Unpaid debt or obstruction of the House activities can quickly lead to a meeting where the trophy heads are dangled as a means of not-so-subtle persuasion.

Ultimate SkillEdit

The Headhunter's Headshot is a very long range attack that ignites the enemy and hides the Headhunter. This is a example (taken from the battle log) of Headshot being used on a Caldarian Legionary: Headshot hits Caldarian Legionary for 84.Caldarian Legionary is ignited(4).Caldarian Legionary takes 30 (ignited).Headhunter is hidden(2). Also, Headshot has a stunning range of twelve tiles, so while it is not as devisating as other ultimates, it is very useful in a variety of different situations.


These are the detailed stats and of an unarmed headhunter:

Shock 0
Agility 120
Constitution 90
Endurance 12
Intelligence 480
Strength 120
Armor rating 60
Attack rating 0
Block rating 0
Cold resistance 12
Critical rating 2
Defense rating 0
Dodge rating 0
Expertise rating 1
Fire resistance 1
Haste rating 6
Hit rating 1
Poison resistance 1
Resilience rating 6
Attack range 60
Movement points 45
Sight range 35